Double Snap Lead


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The Double Snap Lead, also known as our Mobility Lead, is available is 6ft or 7ft lengths. The design of the lead incorporates a round brass snap on each end of the lead and a 1″ “floating” ring. Similar to a traditional Jaeger Lead, the Double Snap Lead allows you to stay active with your dog while remaining hands free. This lead can also be paired with a traffic lead, clipped into the ring, for walking 2 dogs if needed.

The lead is available with or without a handle. The optional handle is located 12″ from the first snap. When not in use, our unique design allows you to tuck the handle into an elastic keeper; this prevents it from becoming a snag hazard, but still allows it to be easily deployed.

Utilizing heavy duty 1” mil-spec tubular webbing—which is strength rated to 4,000 lbs—these leads are quick-drying, mold and mildew resistant, and extremely durable. Our integrated alternate clip-in points allow the handler to use a standard climbing carabiner as a backup clip-in option and enables the user to anchor the lead in a variety of ways.

Please note that we do not recommend this lead for Law Enforcement K9 Handlers. Due to the necessity of slinging the leash across the chest, it could cause an officer safety issue in a street deployment. Officers looking for a hands-free option should consider our Tactical Deployment Lead, which attaches safely and securely to a fixed point on the officer and can be released under load.

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Double Snap
Additional snap, instead of a traditional handle, allows for various clip in configurations.
Optional Handle (Not Pictured)
An optional 7" handle (near the front snap) provides close control. An elastic keeper loop allows you to securely stow the handle when not in use.
Floating Ring
1" floating ring provides a clip in point that allows the handler to secure the lead around his or her chest for hands-free operation.
1.5" Clip-in Points
Daisy Chain style clip-in points can accommodate a large diameter carabiner for heavy use or alternate hands free options.


6ft or 7ft long

Optional 7″ Handle


1″ Mil-Spec tubular webbing rated to 4,000 lbs



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